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what does it mean when a woman makes eye contact with you

What does it mean when a woman makes eye contact with you?

So What does it really mean when a woman makes eye contact with you? It definitely means that she wants you to take your pants off right away because she is ready for some sex, right here, right now, on the train….

Well maybe not, but it could mean that she is slightly interested in you or it could mean that she thinks you should shave that ugly moustache off, you can never really be 100% sure whether she’s interested or thinks that you are just a really ugly person. You can make a good guess though, If you are not green with candles in your ears then chances are that you actually have a solid chance and she might be looking at you because you are attractive or seem interesting to her in some way. 

What if I’m actually Shrek then?

You’re screwed, any woman you ever meet will run from you unless you find someone that are as much of an ogre as you are, either on the outside or on the inside. So I would rather than satisfy for another ogre actually get some self-awareness and realise that either my personality suck or I look terrible, and once the problem has been identified I would go to work, because there’s always a solution to bad looks, and there’s always a solution to bad personality.

Well then what if I’m really good looking or at least average looking but I won’t admit it since I have 0 confidence?

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Then what If I’m average to good looking and a woman makes eye contact with me?

Depending on the way she’s looking at you and how long she keeps looking it could mean different things, while as long as she’s not making a facial expression of disgust then she is definitely at least a little bit interested and you should definitely go talk to her right away.

She breaks eye contact

If she looks at you but as soon as your eyes meet she looks down or looks away, that usually means she is interested in you but she is a little shy and doesn’t want you to know about it, in this case you should definitely tell her that you noticed she was checking you out and ask her for a date since she’s probably a really nice girl that you would want to keep for good, get married to and have five babies with… Well let’s take it one step at a time, I mean you don’t even know each other yet so let’s start with just asking for her name.

She maintains eye contact and smiles

If she keeps looking at you or looking at you over and over again and maybe even starts smiling when she does that definitely means she’s interested in you and getting to know more about this mysterious attractive man that you are.

Notice how when a woman makes eye contact with you It means nothing more than her showing interest, there’s no such thing as her being in love at first sight, she might be interested at first sight and then fall in love with you quickly because of your charm and high level of creating rapport and building strong bonds. What I’m saying is that, keep your dick in your pants for now, get to know her first.

signs she wants you to ask her out on a date

You came here to find an answer to the question: What does it mean when a woman makes eye contact with you? And you have gotten your answer.

But maybe you wanted to learn more about female body language?

But since I’m here to steal your attention and keep you entertained while also giving you some value in exchange and teaching you something as well as giving you a solution for a problem… Let me just distract you a bit longer with a story from a time when I went clubbing and I promise you, it’s related to the subject.

We went to a club, it wasn’t the most fun thing I’ve ever done, we went home, the end.

And in between that, what happened was that I saw a woman who made eye contact with me, I looked back at her and smiled before I kept dancing with the girl I came with. A few more times during the night we made solid eye contact and smiled at each other which eventually resulted in me ignoring her to go home with another woman that I was way more attracted to. Well that was anti-climactic wasn’t it? The moral of the story is that, Even if she seems interested you shouldn’t go for the squeeze of ease but rather aim higher and get the girl you want.

The other moral of the story is, Don’t go to clubs if you don’t like clubbing. These days you can just find someone on Tinder from the comfort of your home, you can also work from home, and order food, you never ever have to go outside again, seems fun doesn’t it?

I have no idea where I’m going with this post anymore, I’m simply trying to stall you because I read about blog writing and someone said that the goal for me as a writer is to keep you on the page for as long as possible, I didn’t finish reading so I have no idea why but I thought that would be a fun thing to read here if you’ve read this far. Since It’s so incredibly out of context and random I thought that you might find it a bit refreshing.

Wanted to find out how to build rapport with a girl you like?

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