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is it weird to go to a bar alone as a guy

Is it weird to go to a bar alone as a guy

Is it weird to go to a bar alone as a guy ? Whether it’s weird or not is a matter of perspective. Some people will think it is and some people will think it isn’t. I’m here to convince you to embrace my perspective on this.
 If you ask me ‘ Is it weird to go to a bar alone as a guy ? ’ I would answer: No it’s not. 
There are several reasons as to why we would ever enter a bar.
  • To drink
  • Meet new friends
  • Pick up girl
  • Escape your family
  • And many more…
Going to the bar to drink alone is rather sad. If you see yourself as a person who goes to the bar to drink alone then you are most likely an alcoholic. If so, please stop drinking. Go to AA or something. Getting help is ok.
Aside from drinking, all the other things you can do in a bar is completely fine to do while flying solo.

Meet new friends

Going to a bar can be a great way to meet new friends. Some people might find you strange for doing so but they will understand once you explain why you are there. When you are with your friends it won’t push you to talk to strangers in the same way as if you were alone. If someone do find you weird for being alone, making a friend is an easy fix for this issue.

Pick up girls

Is it weird to go to a bar alone as a guy to pick up girls? I find it weirder to go with a couple of friends. Having a wingman can be great sure. The issue I find with having a friend with me is that you at some point have to make a decision. A decision of whether to go with the girl and abandon your friend who weren’t as lucky. I find it simplifies everything if you are alone.

Escape your family

If the reason you are at a bar is to escape your family and you are reading a blog about dating. you should reconsider your marriage and file for a divorce. Either that or re-evaluate the meaning of family. Reconnect to the memories of when you met your partner. And put some effort into repairing the relationship.
Is it weird to go to a bar alone as a guy to escape your family? No, It’s really common and I’m sad it is.

Stop worrying what people think

What I find interesting about the people who look for posts like this one is. And yes I’m talking to you! That they care way too much about what others think. If you are going to a bar alone that means that your friends are not there. You can make a decision tomorrow of whether you want to go back there or never see those people ever again. There is no reason for you to worry about what they will think of you.
The only reason I see that you might worry is that you care about what others think of you. This sounds to me like a case of low self-esteem. Don’t worry, studies showed that about 85% of Americans suffer from low self-esteem. This doesn’t make it any less of a problem tho does it? To meet girls while you are In the bar alone you should work on developing your self-esteem anyway. Since having a high self-esteem makes being confident a lot easier. And confidence is the key to getting girls. It will also solve a lot of other issues that you had no idea were solvable.


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