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interpreting female body language correctly


I’m going to start this blog post with a shocking statement to catch your attention: Interpreting female body language correctly is impossible!
Now let’s learn how to do it anyway, since I don’t believe anything to be impossible and just wanted an interesting way to start the post.

Let’s start with decrypting the major signs that she wants you to get the fuck

  • Out and leave her alone:
  • She’s telling you to leave
  • She’s screaming for help
  • She slaps you in the face

A pro-tip is to avoid taking actions that lead to expressions similar to these, and to, if they occur ask for forgiveness or leave her alone.

But you already knew that didn’t you? Lets get to what we are here for, to learn how you should be interpreting female body language correctly or in other words, how do you know when she wants you to kiss her, hug her or how to know when she’s attracted and before getting into the specifics let me tell you why this information is useful.

Imagine that you are on a date, the girl you are talking to is incredibly beautiful and all you want to do is throw the stupid coffee table aside and hold her in your arms and let her lips touch your, there is only one problem…

She doesn’t know a word of English, so how would you ever know if she’s ok with that or not? You could make the assumption that since she agreed to go on a date with you she might be interested and would probably agree to giving you a hug.

While chances are that might be the case, there’s also a chance that she might call the police if you do. So how will you know? And the answer is… (Drum roll)… By interpreting her body language!

If you still aren’t convinced that it’s vital to understand what a woman wants then let me ask you how many times you’ve thought about having sex with someone without having the balls to say it?

My guess is more than once in your life, maybe even on a daily basis?

However improbable this may sound to you, the truth is that girls also think about having sex with someone from time to time. And chances are they might not feel like saying straight out that they want to have sex with you for various reasons. So then Imagine you could use your body language interpretation super power to see whether they are thirsting for you naked or not. That would mean more opportunities would present themselves to you.

Still not convinced why you need to learn this? Then go have a date with a non-english speaker and then get back to me when you’ve come to your senses.

Let’s get to the point, I’ve stalled you enough for today

How do you know when she’s flirting with you?

  • Eye contact
  • Tilting her head
  • Touching her neck
  • Mirroring
  • She’s touching you
  • Leaning into you
  • Flicking her hair
  • There are several more signs than this but it’s a good start.
Eye contact

She’s maintaining eye contact with you throughout the conversation, a soft kind of gaze as she is smiling towards you.

If she’s focusing on you that means you are the most important thing to her, well that’s overselling you a bit let’s rephrase it, In this current moment, you are the most important thing going on in her surroundings.

This is especially true if she’s the type of girl who spends a lot of time looking into her phone around people. I really dislike that kind of behaviour though and would rather go for another girl in that case, but maybe that’s just me 😉

Tilting her head

If she’s tilting her head to the side and revealing her neck to you that is a sign of weakness and signals her being submissive to you, which in the animal kingdom means that she accepts you to lead her. Abiding by the rules of our sexuality and the nature of human behaviour, men are the dominant and women are the submissive, submissive women tend to have higher levels of oestrogen and therefore higher levels of female pheromones which causes us to fall head over heels and come running to protect them from harm.

source (Thanks Vanessa)

Touching her neck

In the same way as tilting her head to reveal her neck signals submissiveness touching her neck puts the focus on the same area of the body. Women are often not aware of these type of behaviours, they are innate movements that are a part of some mating program in our reptile brain that we just play on command when we feel attracted to someone of the opposite sex.


She keeps mirroring or repeating the same movements as you, this is happening because when we are in deep rapport with each other something in our brain called mirror neurones trigger us to mirror the behaviour of the one we feel connected to, this is something worth researching if you are interested in anything interesting whatsoever. I will probably write more about it later as well since mirror neurones play a big role in both social interaction, dating and also learning. To tie the knot, if she is mirroring you that means her mirror neurones are doing work which in turn means you are in deep rapport with each other which means she’s more likely than not attracted to you.

She’s touching you

During conversation she keeps touching your arm, your shoulder or even worse your face. Have you ever noticed talking to a girl and as she laughs at your joke you’ve just told, she also touches your arm simultaneously. This means that she is both enjoying the joke but also that she wouldn’t mind touching you… She likes you my friend, and taking the step from touching to kissing is not much of a reach.

Leaning into you

If she’s leaning into you or brushing against you it’s a clear sign that she wants to get close, maybe she even wants you to just grab her right there and then, if you get a couple of these signs you shouldn’t have to think twice about going in for a kiss or hug or holding hands or whatever feels appropriate in that current situation, hard for me to judge from here. But speaking from experience here when I say that often times you could’ve kissed the girl way sooner than you ever thought.

Flicking her hair

This is probably one of the most over sold Hollywoodized flirting moves that any girl can pull off, so you probably already know of this but we men tend to find long shiny hair very pleasing to look at as well as the revealing the neck thing we talked about earlier might also play a role in this don’t you think?

How do we put the interpreting female body language correctly knowledge into practice?

It might seem a bit overwhelming to be expected to just know all of this straight away, but the truth is that many of the signs that she is trying to flirt with you are rather obvious, while some of course are hidden gems we still know most of these things already and I do believe that by worrying to much about it you won’t get that many girls anyway since the person who does get all the girls first of all wouldn’t be scared to make a mistake. And secondly would never assume anything other than the fact that every woman wants him and would therefore not need this knowledge however helpful it might be.

While I assume you are not yet that person and that’s why you are reading this and I respect you for taking the step to level up your understanding of women and of yourself and you should really be proud of yourself for even being here to read this. Now the bad news, the best and probably only efficient way to learn anything about anything is to go out and practice it on a real test subject.

What I’m really saying is that you have to go out and get talking to girls and try things, and you might fuck up, while you can get a great jumpstart by reading up on the subject there will still be times when you fail, and when you do I want you to get up and try again since knowing that sometimes life sucks but if we don’t get over it and fight anyway we will never get anything done.

So go out and start talking to females, you will learn how to pick up on their small cues and how to interpret their body language correctly in no time.

How to build rapport with a girl you like?


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