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how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar

how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar

When it comes to addiction, there’s no simple one-line answer that will help everyone. In the case of how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar it’s going to be easier for some and harder for some. It comes down to a couple of things you have to change in terms of mindset and your routines. I will get to these simple steps on how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar shortly. First I will tell you about my struggle with addiction throughout the years in hope of providing you with some hope. If I could do it, so can you.

My experience

I used to be a lot heavier than I am now and sugar is partially to blame for this. Weigh about 95kg and am now down to 70~. And used to drink a minimum of 2 litres of coca cola everyday. My diet consisted of mostly bread, pasta and cheese. I was also smoking about a pack of cigarettes a day. In other words, I was at the ultimate peak of physical fitness and health. I didn’t even ask how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar because I didn’t see the problem with living in this way. That is until one cold November morning when my stomach was hurting too much for me to get out of bed. And this pain kept going for months and months. Finally I had enough and decided to do something about it. 

I was addicted to carbs, sugar, nicotine, caffeine, computer games, alcohol, porn, masturbation and attention. And finally asking the question how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar was the gateway for me to start getting my life together. I went through hell and back just trying to figure out what was wrong with my body and even the doctor had no idea. Made the assumption that the food I eat had to be to blame for this never-ending pain. I started by eliminating one thing after the other until finally my pain stopped after eliminating the majority of carbs, though I didn’t understand that the sugar had any side effects so I kept drinking the coca-cola for years.

I got rid of my addictions and so can you

Today I’ve gotten rid of my carb, sugar, nicotine, gaming, alcohol and porn addiction and still working on eliminating the others as well. I will now share with you what I’ve learned on this journey of eliminating my addictions one after one and how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar. With this knowledge and these simple steps you too can fight every addiction controlling your mind. Let’s start with you relationship to food.

Your relationship to food

I used to strongly believe that if I didn’t get my three meals everyday I would die. And I’m not talking about dying if weeks passed without food, I literally thought I was in big danger just from missing one meal. You can see how this created an obsession with eating (sometimes whatever I could get my hands on) I would make the decision to eat a cookie or even a spoon of sugar rather than waiting another 30 minutes for real food. This way of thinking made me consume a lot of sugar for the wrong reasons. 

This relationship is the first thing you have to work on in order to start figuring out how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar. What’s your relationship with food? Do you also believe that eating a certain amount of timess everyday is necessary? Maybe you think that being hungry is a sign that you have to eat right away. You have to figure out what you think about food and go all myth busters on those beliefs. Most of the things you believe about food are just not true and there are a lot of research you can use to disprove that. I suggest doing a little bit of research on fasting to realise that food is not as important as you might think.

Difference between wanting and “needing”  – Cravings

There’s one thing that made quitting addictions a lot easier for me. It was the difference between wanting something and “needing” something. The moment you get a craving for something there’s two different explanations in my experience. Either you actually want to have that snickers because you feel like you deserve it after a hard workout and you really enjoy the flavour from time to time. This is the healthy way of looking at candy, while you are probably in the same boat as me.

Feeling like you need that snickers. It might be a subtle difference in the beginning but when you start thinking about it you can often catch yourself thinking that you want something, not anything specific for a good reason but just anything to fill that void. If you feel like you need to get something sweet or you want to have a snack without knowing exactly what you want or why… Then that’s the addiction speaking and you shouldn’t succumb to it. 

Human nature

So maybe this subtle difference in and of itself didn’t help you much. But let me explain how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar. We humans are animals of habit which means that if we get used to a certain pattern of living, we tend to proceed living in the same way without thinking about it. And we do get used to things faster than you think, this includes both good and bad things. 

Probably the most important thing to do when figuring out how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar is to restructure your routines and habits. Create an environment that makes it hard for you to eat unhealthy. Prepare your meals in advance and put some more food in there than you usually eat. Since when you are very full and satisfied after a meal you don’t tend to feel like having a snack. Ignore calorie counting and keeping your meals small. Just let yourself go crazy and eat as much as you want. Because the most important first step will be to get sugar and carbs out of the mix.

Don’t buy snacks and make sure you throw away all the snacks you already have at home. Our addiction will want to make us give up at any cost. The harder you make it for the addiction to win, the better for you. Because just remember, we humans get used to things. And no matter how tough it feels or how wrong it feels to change your eating habits. Give it a couple of weeks and you will get used to it. 

How to stay motivated

Staying motivated when learning how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar can be difficult. That’s why you should make sure in advance that it’s as easy as possible to follow through. Because motivation will fail you. there will be days when you cannot summon discipline or willpower enough to stay away. If you fail one day and eat sugar, don’t let it get you down. Just restart the next morning and remember that one small failure is not going to stop you, you are still better off than before. 

Motivation comes from the reason of doing something. By asking yourself why you want to quit sugar and carbs you can find motivation in the answer. You can write down every answer you can think of to the why question. And put them on the wall or make post it notes and put them on your favourite place. Keep reminding yourself why you do this and let the bigger picture drag you through hell and back to safety. 

Let’s summarise how to stop being addicted to carbs and sugar

  • Change the way you think about food through research
  • Develop new eating habits
  • Make it as easy as possible
  • Remind yourself why
  • Enjoy your better life


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