How to seduce a man who is not interested in you

How to seduce a man who is not interested in you

How to seduce a man who is not interested in you? There are several ways to seduce a man even if he’s not interested in you at the moment. Though there’s no foolproof way that always works. There’s always a chance that no matter what you do he’s not going to be interested. If this ends up being the case, remember that there are millions of men out there who would value you. So don’t get too hung up on trying to get someone who doesn’t see your value. Rather going for someone that already likes you or finding someone new will be a better way to find love.

If no matter what, you can’t get him out of your head then keep reading. Even if it doesn’t work out the way you want, having tried your best is the only thing you can do. Since you cannot control external results. You can only control your actions so try to focus on your actions rather than the results.

I will walk through seduction of men in two different categories, physical and emotional. If you wish to know how to seduce a man who is not interested in you then we need to clarify your goal and pick the method according to that. And if you wish to sexually arouse this man and sleep with him then a physical seduction is more effective. If you want to be loved, an emotional one is more effective. Note that I assume you are a heterosexual female reading this. I don’t have the knowledge to help you if you are a homosexual male.

How to seduce a man who is not interested in you with physical seduction?

It’s all about knowing what arouses men and playing on those “weaknesses”. There will be slight variations depending on the man. But I will generalise and speak from my own experience. Your main weapon will be the lingering touch. By touching someone in a casual way. Like grabbing their shoulder or hand and lingering on until it almost gets awkward you will create sexual tension. This is even more powerful if you maintain eye contact without speaking a word. By doing this, the man will start thinking about you in a sexual way. Other things you can do are pressing your breasts against his back or his arm. The goal of physical seduction is to signal sexual innuendos without making it obvious. Make him wonder whether you are interested or unconsciously acting in this way.

Getting close to his ear and whispering things like complementing his muscles or his posture or other male traits will start turning him on. Men like to be looked up too. Moving and speaking slowly with a quiet tone will increase the sexual atmosphere. The whole point is to get him in the mood for sex and thus make him view you as a sexual being. Kissing him is also an obvious way, but this might not be possible if he’s not maintaining eye contact. In this case you can kiss him on his neck from behind or hold his arm or hug him.

Once you get the man to notice you in a sexual way. Stroking him in places closer and closer to his crouch will definitely turn him on. And make it obvious you wish to sleep with him.

Emotional seduction

Emotional seduction has a completely different approach. When it comes to getting to a mans emotions, it’s all about playing the game of cat and mouse. Adjusting your character into a more feminine one and playing to his biology. This is difficult since every man has a different idea of what type of person they like. Generalising this type of seduction, we have to assume the traditional gender roles. Men tend to be weak to a girl in need. Weakness creates attraction because men want to save you. They also want to fight or struggle for something. So don’t make it too easy for them. Give mixed signals.

Mixed signals

By asking them for help and giving them praise and compliments you can show you are interested and that you need them. Then you must distance yourself. Pretend you did like them but you don’t anymore. The worst feeling is to lose attention and losing someone who likes you. This will make the man feel like something is missing. Like he’s done something that makes him less attractive. He will then feel a need to compensate and fight to win you back. By making him fight for you he will then start liking you. Because men like what they fight for, that’s how they work biologically.

Keep sending mixed signals like telling them they look great one minute. And then telling them they are stupid the next. These mixed signals will make him question whether you like him or not. He will start thinking about you and get curious. By spending more time thinking about you he will start liking you.
Good luck on how to seduce a man who is not interested in you.

Make sure to let me know if this has been helpful and I will keep making similar posts. And remember that if it fails, there are millions of men out there who are way more into you.

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