How to pick up korean woman

How to pick up korean woman

How to pick up korean woman? This can be very difficult at first since there are a lot of cultural and social differences. For more expert advice on the topic, check out this site.

Being honest, In Korea I’ve only had a fraction of the results I usually get. Despite this, there’s a lot of do’s and don’ts that I’ve found through my six months here in Korea that I will share with you.


What places are good for how to pick up korean woman? As with every other country, the places doesn’t differ that much and you can read more about where to meet singles here. Your approach will vary depending on the place. You must have a different approach in a club or on the street.


When it comes to approaching Korean women being straightforward is what seems to work the best. Whether on the street or in a bar. I’ve noticed korean men who are successful with women tend to be very straightforward. I modeled this behaviour and found way more success in my approach. Being straightforward is the best way to show a high level of confidence. By this I mean approaching someone by saying they are beautiful and that I’m interested. Or opening with asking if they have a boyfriend. This type of approach seems to work very well and most of the time lead me to a first date appointment.


When it comes to dating, korean girls seem to expect the man to do all the work. This means the man has to plan a venue if not several. Your job as a man is to take her places and give her a great experience. I’ve also found that many korean guys give gifts to the girl even if it’s the first date. Personally I have a no gift policy. I wouldn’t give a gift to someone unless we were first in a relationship. But do what you want with this information.

In other words, make sure you have the whole date planned out before you meet up. Plan a couple venues and take her out for a fun night.

Saving face

Koreans are very cautious about saving face. This means they care a lot what others think about them. They will avoid conflict by any means and will not act in a way that stands out among people. Thus physical escalation in public is out of the question.

I was on several dates where I ignored this or didn’t think this had any real impact. I touched and kissed girls in public without caring about them saying we shouldn’t because people are watching. Since they avoid conflict they won’t tell you how much it actually bothers them. And in the end ghosted me after the date without providing further explanation. It’s very common to get ghosted by korean girls. They are very flakey compared to westerners and even compared to Japanese girls.

So how to pick up korean woman? You must rely on body language and words, the touching has to happen when the two of you are alone. I’ve also heard that talking about sex is not a good idea. This is something I never do on dates anyway so it didn’t bother me.

Language barrier

The language barrier is also something you should consider when it comes to how to pick up korean woman. By having a strong body language game and using easy to understand English this might work for you. Or you can spend some time to learn korean. That way you can look at the date as a study session even if she ghosts you later, there’s no need for remorse. Since the girls are so flakey, rather plan dates with a bunch of different girls than sticking to one. After all, dating is a numbers game.

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