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There are several different ways to connect with our crew here at invelve and they will all be presented on this page so feel free to pick the one that suits you. To connect with us and other members of the community on social media please refer to any of our instagram accounts to the right or use the #invelve to share your content for our other members to take part in your journey towards personal improvement and success with both women and in every aspect of life.

For business inquiries or questions regarding any of our products / for support or assistance please refer to our email support and they will make sure your email gets to the right person since we as founders have decided to read every single email aside from spam, because of this decision, please show respect for our time and do not email us unless you really do need us, and when you do email please keep it short and concise. We encourage you to share your success stories with us on social media rather than through email. Thank you in advance for showing respect.

Remember to sign up to our newsletter to get updates regarding new products, posts and events and to take part in our community exclusive offers and events. It truly is an amazing opportunity to get to include you in our invelve family.