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Good leadership qualities to have

Top 5 good leadership qualities to have

good leadership qualities to have include a whole spectrum of different qualities. They are different depending on what field you will be leading in. I will touch on the Top 5 good leadership qualities to have according to my experience. Before I start explaining these I want to shortly walk you through what being a leader means. The leader is the person who makes the decisions. This provides you with the ultimate freedom of choice. But also binds you to responsibilities you might not like. Assuming being a leader equals freedom is thus false. Being a leader is a tough job not suited for everyone. So, these are good leadership qualities to have no matter if you turn out a CEO or not.

When it comes to both career and dating, being a leader will benefit you immensely. The girls flock around the alfa – the leader. Colleagues entrust the leader with decisions, tasks and the biggest salaries. You came here because you, like me are the type of person who wants this. Wants to achieve and become the best more than anything. For you, these are all the good leadership qualities to have in your pocket. Pull them out when you need them and you will be the top in any situation.


Every leader has to be hardworking. Simon Sinek is one of the more known advocates for this. He talks a lot about a great leader taking on the hard work. He says that leading means taking out the trash without complaining.
If you look at the leaders of every great medieval war. They were at the frontlines, leading as they charged into battle. Ready to die for their cause.

Hard work is important because people model behaviour rather than following commands. Ever heard about being a good example? Being a leader means more than blurting out commands. If you keep telling your staff to work hard without doing so yourself, why should they listen when you don’t?


By caring I mean to genuinely care for the people around you. Letting them know that you understand them and showing empathy. Wouldn’t you rather follow someone who seems to want what’s best for you? Someone who likes and cares for you?

One thing that can be tricky about this is that caring people tend to show sympathy. Sympathy never solves any problems. Even though Empathy is very important, feeling sorry for others helps no one. Rather than feeling sorry for, leaders tend to understand someone is suffering and then try to solve the problem with a logical approach. This brings us to the third quality.


By logical I mean thinking and acting based on logic rather than emotion. Achieve this through acquiring an objective perspective. Rather than looking at life through your own opinions and emotions. Try to see everything objectively. Question everything, look at the big picture.

Being controlled by your emotions often seem immature and amateurish. A great leader can stay calm through emotional rollercoasters. He can remain calm through the storm and emotional people tend to rely on him when it gets tough.

You can develop this quality by learning more about yourself and understanding how others think. Logical thinking is partially personality and some people seem to be born this way. While others can acquire logical thinking as a skill. This is by learning more about the world and practicing controlling ones emotions.


Among the good leadership qualities to have, this one might be the one most associated with leadership. Jordan Peterson speaks a lot about leaders being very assertive. He even provides studies and statistics proving this to be correct in most cases.

What being assertive means is often valuing ones own thought and opinions. Assertive people tend to value being right more than being liked. I’ve read somewhere that you always have two choices: The right one or the easy one. Assertiveness means you make the right decision rather than take the easy way out.

Giving someone feedback or criticism comes natural to the assertive person. This often causes people to dislike you and that’s why finding the balance between caring for others and being assertive is of importance.


This one is obvious but none the less important. Lacking confidence means you can’t learn any of the other good leadership qualities to have in your arsenal. On a biological level we tend to gravitate towards those of great confidence. Without confidence no one will trust your opinions or decisions. Who would trust someone who cannot trust oneself?
When it comes to Confidence there’s many things you can do. One of the best ways is getting out of your comfort zone, proving to yourself you can do more than you thought. Breaking your own limits and doing what’s difficult will have the effect of massively boosting your confidence.
I speak a lot more about confidence in my other articles as well as in my ebook. So go check them out and start developing your confidence today. It’s the most vital quality for being a leader.


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