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Daygame vs nightgame


Daygame vs nightgame


Daygame vs Nightgame? can’t decide which to focus on? It all depends on what you want to get out of it. If you want to have wild crazy sex all night nightgame is the way to go. While if you want to find a girlfriend or go on lunch dates daygame is the way. For you it might actually be that simple. I know it wasn’t for me.

Here in Sweden you can go to bars and clubs from the age of 18. I started with pickup when I was 16. Due to this I spent the first two years trying to get into the pants of every woman I ever saw. As I couldn’t go clubbing or hang out in bars I had to go for daygame. While I didn’t mind this at all and it worked out fine most of the time. As a result of these two years I got really good at daygame.
I was still longing for girls dressed up with their party make-up on. There’s something magical about girls in clubs isn’t there? The fact that they have spent hours perfecting their make-up. Asking all their friends whether this red dress or the other looks better. And not to talk about the effort spent researching fashion. And shopping for the perfect details to add to their seduction arsenal. Knowing that They’ve spent so much time and effort into how they look is incredibly attractive.

My clubbing experience 

Once I got the chance to go to clubs I soon came to the realisation that it’s not for me. I hated it, most guys were disgusting and had no game whatsoever. I especially hated guys who kept grinding girls they didn’t even know. They had no sense of what being a gentleman is all about. It was as if they couldn’t resist their animal urges, they were all like predators thirsting for prey. I could imagine them drooling all over the dance floor as if they were actual dogs. Some of them even talked to every girl in the club. Using the same lame conversation topics. Topics that made him interesting for about four seconds until they run away in a hurry.
Since I wanted to keep bringing girls in red dresses home, I managed to look past the fact that these guys disgusted me. While I could look past one problem another one appeared. I was looking for a girlfriend in nightclubs and bars. My view on love and relationships has always been: meet girl, marry girl, get kids, live happily ever after. We can all agree that this is not always the truth, if ever. Because of this belief of love and life, I was looking for a solid relationship.

Getting a girlfriend

You must already know this. Clubs are not where high caliber girlfriend material women hang out. Sure this is a huge generalisation and there are exceptions to this. What I mean though is that if you’re looking for a girlfriend or even a wife, you want someone who share similar values. Even someone with similar interests. If your main interest is to go clubbing that’s fine. While if you don’t actually like clubs and all you want is a girlfriend that might not be the optimal venue. I’m one of those people who indeed hates clubbing, all the drunk people, the loud music, can’t stand it. So I soon came to realise that I don’t want to find a girlfriend in a club.
Rather than clubbing, I would want to find a girlfriend at an event that I would be interested in going to anyway. Someone who’s had a similar upbringing or who share interests with me. Rather than a girl who’s beautiful I would want a best friend who I can also sleep with. 
You can guess my answer to daygame vs nightgame? But I’m not here to force you to jump on my bandwagon and agree with me but rather to form your own opinion. If you’re still uncertain whether you want to go for daygame vs nightgame then let’s go through some pros and cons. Everyone loves pros and cons right? It simplifies everything and gives you something concrete to use.


  • They’re in their natural habitat
They aren’t dressed up to impress and charm men. And don’t put on a facade.
Easier to find someone with similar interests
  • Costs you nothing
There’s no wardrobe fee and no entrance fee to be outside.
  • No loud music
You don’t have to suffer through the tinnitus for three days after going out.
  • Maintain a normal sleeping schedule
It’s easy to lose track of sleeping hours if you are clubbing until 5 in the morning every Friday.
Most girls aren’t walking around the streets looking for sex.
There’s no alcohol to rely on.


You can meet a lot more people and make friends as well, daytime you are on your own.
  • It’s very sexual
The girls dress up and many of them came there to seduce men or to get picked up.
If you like that of course.
  • You can drink
Even if I would advice you not to, if you’re into drinking then go ham.
I wouldn’t say it’s easy to get into a fight, but compared to daytime it most definitely is.
Good is relative but if you look like a 5-year old with downs syndrome it’s not going to help you get the girls is it?
  • It costs money
Entrance fee, wardrobe, drinks. I only drink water when I’m clubbing but in some clubs they even charge for that.
  • Loud music
Again, tinnitus…
So daygame vs nightgame? Which will you focus on? Are you looking for a girlfriend or do you want to have many sex partners? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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