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dating site tinder reviews

Dating site tinder reviews

Everyone and their mom is using tinder these days, I’ve literally stumbled upon my friends moms profile as I was swiping on a lonely Wednesday. I was struck by terror as I realised that Tinder is not where I want to spend my time… And I started googling for milf porn instead in a pathetic attempt to distinguish the strange fantasies of my friends mom from actual attraction to older women.

Here’s my honest review of the dating site Tinder

First of all, It’s complete shit! There’s my review! 0/10 stars. But don’t let me convince you that easily, you clearly came here because you had some sort of interest in the application, maybe you’ve been thinking of whether it would help you get laid. Or even find you the love of your life.

Let me just break it to you, the sad truth is: Your chances for finding true love on Tinder are incredibly low. Finding someone to have sex with is a possibility, not even that hard… But at what price? And I’m not talking about money right here! Let me tell you what I’ve noticed about myself after using Tinder.

  • Side effects of Tinder usage
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Lower confidence
  • Self hatred
  • Lack of focus
  • Compulsive behaviour
  • Lack of motivation and ambition

Now this might seem quite extreme while you look at it like this… And it truly is, Tinder really can fuck you up! At least if you’re a weakling like myself, and I’m inclined to believe that you are since you have also spent time looking for approval from others in order to make the decision of whether to use Tinder or not. What I’m doing here is not trying to push my opinion down your throat like most of your friends would, I’m simply sharing my perspective from my experience on the subject. Whether you decide to actually download, use and get laid through dating sites like Tinder is completely up to you. But I do want you to know the potential consequence before you make that decision.

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Lower Self-Esteem

I’ve had the belief for a long time that meeting a partner online signals being weak or not being courageous enough to meet someone in real life. For me this belief made me think of any type of online dating as being the easy way out. For me Tinder was the path of chickens. And resorting to looking for women from the comfort of my sofa. Feeling like my most pathetic, empty and lonely self made me feel like I was truly too weak to have someone love me. All this only because the option now existed to take the “easy way out” instead of dressing up and going out to meet women.

Lower Confidence

Seeing all of these beautiful women flash by as I swipe right, right, right, right….. Made me feel inferior to them once I looked at my own pictures. Most of my pictures had bad lighting and hints of yellow. I wasn’t very photogenic and I still can’t take selfies that satisfy me. Since then I’ve noticed that it’s 90% about the photographer and not actually something wrong with my face ( What a relief right?)

I kept building up a sense of hope every time I swiped a beautiful girl right “If she swipes me back I’m gonna get to kiss those juicy lips as I grab her in my arm and…” The only problem with this is that she never does swipe back. I’ve spent nights with girls way more beautiful than any of them, I knew and I still know that if I met any of them on the street while in the right state of mind then… They would be mine in a matter of minutes.

Looks have never been my strongest asset, I’m great with words and I have the charisma of a real showman. This led me to believe that using Tinder was handicapping me through disabling me from using my strengths to craft a great first impression. It also let me focus on my problems instead of my strengths. Since on Tinder, Looks are 95% of the reason why a girl would ever swipe you back. And if you haven’t got the looks then you are as handicapped by this as me and it will make you feel really unattractive when you swipe 500 girls and get two swipes back. Especially if those two are ugly or even deformed.

Self hatred

The horrible downward spiral that losing trust in oneself can start is devastating to say the least. Once I started thinking of and asking my self the questions like “Why aren’t they swiping me back, what’s wrong with me? Why am I not good enough?” When the voices in your head start answering these questions for you it’s like a flood of hateful words, mean comments and every thing your bullies ever told you. You every insecurity resurfaces only to punch you in the face.

I let this continue for a good 7 days or so until I was finally hating myself to the point where I had to do something about every single insecurity I had. Whether psychologically getting over it or physically changing in order to get rid of the mean voice in my mind. It really fucked me up real good if you know what I’m saying.

Lack of focus

I found my self lacking focus when working. It could be easy to just throw the blame onto Tinder and that wouldn’t be right without just cause to do so. How did I then know it was because of tinder? Because all I could think of when I was trying to get work done was whether that girl had texted me back or not. Couldn’t get my mind off of the imagination I had created of when we were spending time together naked if you know what I mean. I was stuck in a fantasy with every single girl who I was currently writing with. And sure, this happens when I’m dating a girl I’ve met in reality as well. With Tinder tho, It happened with girls I didn’t even know, and constantly.

Compulsive behaviour

I’m sure you’re familiar with the feeling when you keep checking your phone every two seconds in hopes that she has replied… This is the opposite of being mindful isn’t it? Your entire mind and thoughts are inside this fictional conversation with this girl that you might never even meet in real life, because the truth is that most girls you write won’t even meet up with you. If this is because you are boring or because they have something more important to focus on or met another cuter guy doesn’t matter. The truth still remains. Tinder is a numbers game and the law of averages apply. So if you do decide to use Tinder, then keep your focus on what’s actually important. In other words, Don’t check your phone every three seconds.

Lack of Motivation and Ambition

When I used Tinder I found that I didn’t have to leave my house anymore. There was no longer any reason for me to go outside for longer than my weekly trip to buy food. I also saw no reason to do anything aside from chatting on Tinder. I would later realise these girls wouldn’t even meet up. Simply the idea of maybe finding a girlfriend or getting laid was enough to sustain me at that point… I didn’t have a job, I didn’t meet friends. I was literally just at my computer or on tinder, or both.

The same could be said for anything that releases dopamine without you having to put in much effort. Instant gratification provides no real happiness or fulfilment long term and if not managed properly will ruin your life. Enjoying for example games, porn alcohol or any similar dopamine stimuli may cause addictive behaviour. Might even cause a lack of interest in anything that requires any sort of effort. I’ve had severe issues with this for almost my entire life and will write more about it later on.

Here you have it, My dating site tinder reviews. Not much of a review of the application. Rather of my experience with myself after using it for longer periods of time. I strongly advice you to instead spend your time learning how to talk to girls in real life. This would be a much better long-term investment. Would also give you a lot more joy than the short thrill of getting a match could ever compete with. But if you wish to use Tinder, That’s on you! You’ve heard my warning.

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