best way to meet singles not online

best way to meet singles not online

Where’s the best way to meet singles not online? Short answer is offline. But that’s not very helpful so I will provide you with a couple suggestions as well as some pros and cons.


A bar is one of the best way to meet singles not online. Most people going to a bar are single and go there to meet new people or even find love. It’s a great environment for recreating yourself and only showing your good sides. This sadly means that others are doing the same. You will also spend a lot of money by going to bars. And it’s not a guarantee that anything is going to happen. It’s not even guaranteed that you will meet anyone. But it’s a good starting point if you pick the right place on the right day.

Click here if you think it’s weird to go to a bar alone.


A club might be better if you like dancing and partying. If your goal is to get wasted and have a one night stand then the club is one of the best way to meet singles not online. If you’re looking for a serious relationship or a place to practice your social skills. I would avoid clubbing. The quality of singles might also be lower than in other places. The people you would classify as girlfriend/boyfriend material rarely go clubbing.

Speed dating

Speed dating is one of the best way to meet singles not online. At least when it comes to practicing your first impression. You can do speed dating to practice interesting conversation as well. The problem with speed dating is that it’s almost as shallow as tinder or bumble. Only an offline version.


My favourite and the best way to meet singles not online is events. There are many different events of many categories. For nerds, you can go to comic con or an anime or gaming event. You can go to business or personal development events. There are even language learning events or meetups. No matter your hobbies or interests there’s an event in your area with like minded people. Only a few of them are single but rather search a bit extra for those high quality singles. If you manage to find someone with similar interests then it’s definitely worth the extra effort. The problem with events is that you have to adjust your schedule to them. It’s also not a place meant for dating, which can play in your favour or against you.


If you’re a student, this one is obvious. Meeting someone with the same major or similar interests might be an easy way in. Even if you’re in different classes. Talking to strangers on campus is a great way to practice approaching. The only negative is that you might have to see the people again if you fail an approach or get ditched.

The street

The street is not one of the best way to meet singles not online. But it is the most challenging and sometimes the most rewarding. I’ve met a couple of my past girlfriends on the street or in the train. Even though it’s a bit more challenging to approach someone. Once you actually do, they tend to be more open to getting to know you. Approaching a stranger means you are more interesting than the majority. This will play in your favour.

No matter where you meet singles, an important step will be to work on your approach. Get those great openers down and keep practicing. You can read about approaching here. Or learn some great openers here.

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