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The 10 best day game direct openers

The 10 best day game direct openers

Some of the most effective and fun day game direct openers!


In most situations a simple “Hey” will do the trick. When it comes to day game direct openers the best might equal the most simple. This is one of the most simple yet one of the best day game direct openers. Truth is that most girls aren’t expecting anyone to talk to them at all so simplicity will still surprise. Have you ever heard someone get angry from a “Hey” ? Well, assuming you maintain a friendly expression rather than a creepy one.

And to quote Ashton Kutcher from the movie Spread “There’s only one pickup line. Everything else is cheese. Hi” 

“Let me help you with that”

Being a gentleman is always appreciated. Saying no to someone offering to help you carry that heavy suitcase after a long flight won’t be an option. Most women have dreamt of that Hollywood moment. Where the gentleman takes her by storm, rids her from discomfort and makes love to her all night.

Ask for directions

Everyone gets lost once in a while. We can all relate to the pain and stress of almost missing a meeting due to misplacing our sense of direction. This is an easy in, many girls will even offer to show you the way. Here’s how to ask for directions in different languages in case you are lost abroad.

“What time is it?”

Sometimes I ask this with a watch on my wrist and then tell them it was a silly excuse to break the ice. This makes for a hilarious conversation and whether you succeed or not, you’ve still given her a great story.

Disrupt their conversation

Imagine you see the most beautiful girl you’ve ever laid your eyes upon but there’s one problem. she’s with a friend having an intense discussion of whether libraries serve a purpose or not. Since you’ve overheard most of the conversation you feel inclined to bring your opinion into it. You excuse yourself before telling them that you actually use the library every so often. Even as it does seem outdated to most, you still find it relaxing to go there and read.

You’ve made her friend feel empowered and you’ve gotten a way into the discussion. This does not seem creepy nor disruptive. Rather passionate if anything. You do actually give a fuck about libraries. Knowledgable men with strong opinions are often seen as attractive and powerful. Take any opportunity you can to enforce that side of yourself.

What does it mean what a woman makes eye contact with you?

Use your surroundings

You can use anything strange or odd as ammunition.

“See that old lady wearing a leopard coat with pink coloured hair? Would you have the guts to dress like that?”

“Did you know they’ve opened a new Starbucks down the street recently?

“Don’t you love beautiful summer days like these?”

Use anything you see, anything that catches your attention. The more odd the easier to load into your opening-gun.

Compliment her style

Complimenting her style can be a powerful day game opener. Aim this towards girls who seem to spend a lot of time taking care of their appearance. You may assume that a girl with expensive brand clothing might spend a lot of time on her looks. If not time spent shopping, then time spend saving up for shopping. Giving her a compliment for something she has put effort into gives her approval. Let’s her know that her work is paying off and will make her feel good about herself. Wouldn’t you want to spend time with people who make you feel good about yourself?

If a girl has blue hair you might assume that she wants you to notice her.  and put some effort into noticing her. As long as you do so with confidence it will be of great joy to her.

Strange request

I went straight up to a girl and asked her to do me a favour. I can guarantee that she has not gotten a request as strange as this one before…

I asked her to pretend to be my girlfriend for 10 minutes. I said that I wanted to look good in front of some of my prospects that I was hosting an event with. She later joined the event for a good hour before heading home. To my disappointment, she neither confirmed nor denied being my girlfriend. But we all had a good laugh about it and I do believe that I could’ve made her mine if I so wanted.

Asking a girl to fulfil a strange request for you may be both intriguing and hilarious for the both of you. Say you are protecting her from potential kidnappers and thus have to bring her to the safe space of your flat. Or she is coming with you to select a perfect present for your mom. wouldn’t it be hilarious and interesting to bring a stranger through something like this?

Make an odd assumption

“Sorry for making you wait, let’s get some lunch!”

Assuming she’s been waiting for you is hilarious. I’ve had girls say they are in fact waiting for their boyfriend… Only to give me their number a few minutes later.

“You look like you know a lot about antique paintings”

Assuming that she is into something rather rare and specific is fun and interesting. Especially the part where you have to reason your assumption. “That shirt looks like the one my friend is often wearing. She’s an art-history student so I thought you might share more similarities than the shirt?”

Tell her the truth

There’s nothing as powerful as the truth said with confidence. Without hesitation and with determination in ones voice. This is a skill you need to master. A job half-done won’t be close to closing. Tell her that she is the most beautiful girl you’ve seen these last 15 minutes. And thus you had no choice but to approach and try to get her to sleep with you. Saying something like this might seem difficult. It is, It’s a high risk high reward type of play. I love this because it’s the top of the ladder, if you pull it off, it works and it works well. If you don’t it’s going to come off as creepy.

I’ve many times told girls that they are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. I’ve also straight out asked if they want to have sex with me. Their replies would surprise you. you would expect getting slapped in the face but reality is that: What you say matters less than how you say it. If you ask them tongue in cheek to sleep with you as you are smiling and maintaining eye contact. Nothing will happen aside from them laughing and assuming it’s a joke. While if you tell them they have nice clothing as you look at their breasts and bite your lips. That compliment will most likely end up classified as sexual harassment.

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[…] First I want to make it clear that pickup lines are very overrated. Oftentimes a simple Hi does the trick. You want to provide some motivation for approaching her. Or in other words a reason why you are speaking with her. This is an important step in how to approach a girl you like for the first time but you don’t have to worry too much about it. A reason such as “I just wanted to talk to you” is often enough. If you wish to seem more natural you might say something about the surroundings or come up with a question. This might be something in line with asking for directions. Asking for the time or asking where she got that cool iPhone case. Often girls will be happy to be approached so don’t worry too much about the initial phrases. […]

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