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About Bumble dating app – Bumble in Japan

About Bumble dating app – Bumble in Japan

The last couple of weeks I’ve been plowing my way through potential pussy in a bunch of different dating apps. My goal is to get a deeper understanding for the Japanese dating culture. And to understand what girls online are actually looking for so that I can help you hack the female mind and get girls that are way out of your league.

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a mental blockage stopping me from actually developing a relationship with a girl I meet through a dating app. This is something I’ve explored lately as I met a girl who kind of sold me on the concept of online dating. She showed me that missing puzzle piece that was so obvious but that I hadn’t thought about before. She told me that online dating is a way to make the screening process more efficient. Think of it like hiring someone for your company, sometimes it can take hundreds of people before you find the right fit. It’s the same with dating and if you meet everyone for an interview it might take months before you get through them all. While online dating is like looking through their resumes and picking the top 10 for an interview.

Hearing this made me reconsider online dating as a valid option for finding a girlfriend or even a wife. This new understanding made me realise how biest I’ve been towards online dating. I’ve always thought about bumble dating app or tinder and been disgusted with the thought. This is usually a sign that I need to dig deeper and get a better understanding for how and why it works.

So on this journey through dating apps with the purpose of changing my own beliefs. As well as getting a better understanding for how women select partners online. I started with writing about Tinder in Japan and now moving on to writing about bumble dating app and how bumble in Japan works.

About bumble dating app

Bumble is basically like Tinder with some slight but important variations. As with Tinder you also swipe in the same way based on your preferences and location. You also get matches in the same way and you can check out their profiles both before and after, like in Tinder. The biggest difference is the messaging. If you’ve matched with someone, you as a man can not write her a message until she writes you first. This is great for several reasons.

  • Attracts more beautiful girls to the app.
  • Saves you the trouble of coming up with that first impression.
  • No more wasting time writing to girls who aren’t that interested anyway.

The other big difference to tinder are the matches. They actually disappear if the girl doesn’t write you in 24 hours or if you don’t respond within 24 hours. This eliminates half-assed matches and “Plan B” girls quickly which in theory makes the app better than Tinder. At least for serious dating but worse for casual hookups. This is bad for you if your goal is to hook up but it’s great because the quality of the girls are way higher than tinder.

Bumble in Japan

Bumble is actually used in Japan and it’s also a great place to find foreign people. This is because it’s still one of the lesser known dating apps here but well known abroad. A big chunk of your options are going to be foreign. Which is great if your Japanese is bad or if you want to meet interesting people from all over the world. Rather than just meeting Japanese girls learning English over and over again.

In general when I think about bumble dating app I see it as a more grown-up version of Tinder. Where your chances of finding a serious partner are less slim and you dodge a lot of the meaningless chatting. I would recommend this app over tinder any day. One of the drawbacks might be that people using Bumble could be the left overs from Tinder. I.E. the people who couldn’t get laid on Tinder so they moved over to this app. Bumble in Japan seems like a viable option and you should definitely check it out.

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